Comic 435 - Balance pg. 13

25th Dec 2016, 11:00 PM in Balance
Balance pg. 13
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JKCarrier 25th Dec 2016, 11:00 PM edit delete
My pal Robin Childs does a clever thing (actually, she does all kinds of clever things, but I'm thinking of one in particular): Whenever she completes a chapter of her comic LeyLines, she runs a special "Feedback Day" to ask her readers how she did. In that spirit, allow me to pick your collective brains about the latest Lady Spectra story, "Balance":

1. We got to see a little of Spectra & Sparky's "civilian" life (as Paula & Jill) this time out. Is that something you'd like to see more of?

2. "Balance" was made up of two parallel stories, with Spectra/Paula's actions on the top half of the page, and Sparky/Jill's on the bottom. Was that clear enough, or did you find it hard to follow?

3. We didn't learn much about the evil "Brain Bug" that Sparky battled. Were you let down or confused because you didn't get a full explanation of the critter?

4. Be honest: Was anyone really worried that our heroines were going to give up crimefighting in favor of Olympic gymnastics? :D

(Feel free to comment on anything else that struck you as cool / uncool.)


Pastangum 13th Jan 2017, 9:57 AM edit delete reply
Since I can't find an email address to reply, I'll have to respond to you here. I just started reading Lady Spectra via a link from TWC... and binged through the archives in a matter of hours. (Whew!) Great read. You might consider tossing up a link to vote for the comic.

The parallel storylines of Paula vs. Jill/Sparky worked very well. From the time Sparky changed costumes, I could see the plots diverge, but I felt sure they'd converge by the end - and they did when Paula called her daughter. (Somehow I missed that the coach was meeting her inside, and Jill was outside playing until she left to go play hero.)

Speaking of which, I was concerned as Paula thought over what was best for her daughter; I thought Lady Spectra might peremptorily call off her work for her daughter's sake. But Sparky was having none of that! :D The tensegrity of 'powered hero' versus 'single mother caring for daughter' just _works_.

The Brain Bugs were balanced perfectly, too; simplistic enough to gloss over (two raw biological imperatives, 'reproduce' and 'survive'), but tough enough to be a challenge for Sparky. And the girl's response? Thinking about how being a hero commits her to the hard way *while* she's rescuing Elias.

The only issue I can think of is with the art; it looks like it was printed in a newspaper with desaturated, halftone screens. The story stands well despite. I read several webcomics, including Everyday Heroes and the now-long-defunct Mindmistress, and the tropes of 'women heroes use brains, men use brawn' hold solid.
JKCarrier 17th Jan 2017, 8:24 PM edit delete reply
I appreciate you taking the time to respond. And I'm tickled pink that you liked the strip enough to binge-read the whole thing. Now that's a compliment! :D

The "desaturated newsprint" style is deliberate, and meant to evoke the look of old comic books. Not necessarily everyone's cup of tea, I realize.

Thanks again!