The Heroes

Lady Spectra   Paula Carson

LADY SPECTRA (Paula Carson)

A promising young physics student, Paula and her husband Roger Carson discovered an extra-dimensional energy source called a "while hole". It was powerful, but unstable, and Roger grew ill and eventually perished from exposure to the strange energy. On his deathbed, he made Paula promise to keep their discovery secret, afraid that it would be used for evil purposes. Looking for a way to use the white hole power for good, Paula created the identity of "Lady Spectra". Armed with laser blasters and other equipment powered by the while hole energy, Lady Spectra fights crime and injustice on the streets of Apollo City. Read the full story of Lady Spectra's origin here.

Sparky   Jill Carson

SPARKY (Jill Carson)

Jill is Paula's 11-year-old daughter, born just before her father died. Jill showed an aptitude for crime-fighting early on, but Paula initially tried to keep her superhero activities secret from her. Jill eventually figured it out, though, and insisted on joining her mom's crusade against evil as Sparky. With her combination of smarts, entusiasm, and athletic skill, she might actually be better at it than Lady Spectra...

Lt. Kominksy


Bernie is the head of the Apollo City Police Department's "Super Villain Unit", a squad specially trained and equipped to handle superhuman bad guys. Lady Spectra is officially a "civilian consultant" to the SVU, but Lt. Kominsky has no problem letting her take the lead in most cases, with him and his team providing backup. Bernie and Lady Spectra have grown close over the years, and even dated a couple of times.



Not much is known about this cosmic wanderer. He travels through space and other dimensions, studying the universe and occasionally helping to avert some crisis. He can levitate, pass through walls, and perform other mystical feats. He met Lady Spectra & Sparky during the Demon War storyline. You can read more Phantos comics here.

The Reaper


Private eye Douglas O'Neil was nearly killed while investigating a secret cult. But he survived, and ultimately triumphed. He kept the cultists' uniform as a souvenir, and he sometimes wears it on those stranger cases where he needs a little extra "edge". Or as he puts it, "It takes a weirdo to catch a weirdo". The Reaper teamed up with Lady Spectra in Heart of Darkness, and he made a brief appearance in Custody Battle. You can read more Reaper comics here.