The Villains

(as described by Sparky!)

Doctor Agony


Super-creepy mad scientist who will do any crazy experiment if he thinks it will make him money, and doesn't care who gets hurt. Turn-ons include giant robots and mass panic. (Dave Berns designed the look of this guy.)

Appearances: Nothing Matters, Changing Spots

Black Sundae


He and his stooges the "Double Dips" go around attacking people with their crazy ice cream weapons. They especially like to go after kids. Whatever, I'm not afraid of him! (This character was made up by Troy Hickman. Now him, I'm afraid of!)

Appearances: I Scream...You Scream, Custody Battle (cameo)

Brain Bugs


I don't know what these little vermin are up to, but it can't be anything good. They're like ticks, once they latch on it's hard to get them off, so be careful!

Appearances: Balance

The Brazos Kid


Hired killer with a funny accent. He thinks of himself as an old-fashioned cowboy, but he's just as likely to use a sniper rifle as a six-gun. He's just really, really into guns.

Appearances: The Enemy of My Enemy

La Bruja


Is she really a witch, or some kinda mutant, or what? I dunno, but crazy things happen when she's around. And the results are usually hazardous to somebody's health. Her schemes could endanger the whole city!

Appearances: The Witching Hour



Yeesh, can't a girl even get a good night's sleep without some giant evil robot rampaging through her neighborhood? P.S., don't tell Mom, but I'm gonna fight this one by myself!

Appearances: Robot Rampage

Walter Caiman


He's big. He's scaly. He's green. He'll eat you for dinner.

Appearances: The Enemy of My Enemy

Comic-Book Monster


Me and Mom are just minding our own business at the comics convention, when suddenly this giant pile of collectible back-issues comes to life and starts hassling us!

Appearances: Apollo City Comicon

Lord Cyprian


It doesn't get much worse than this: He's a vampire AND a Nazi. He's got an army of zombies, and he wants to take over the world. He thinks he's some smooth artistocrat, but he's really just another fascist jerk! (Karen O'Donnell created this character.)

Appearances: Heart of Darkness

Doctor Darkness


He throws around special bombs that turn off all the lights, so he can sneak around and do his dirty work. He's a tricky one. Good thing we've got our old pal Mr. Mid-Nite helping us out on this case. (Bob Elinskas came up with this character.)

Appearances: Darkness Falls, Custody Battle (cameo)

Doctor Evilfish


Creepy mad scientist who's always making trouble and creating monsters and stuff. Jerk! (Perry Lake came up with this character. He's not a jerk! He paid me to say that.)

Appearances: The Megazoid Arises, Custody Battle

The Godmother


She looks like a sweet little old lady, but don't be fooled. She runs one of the most vicious crime mobs in the midwest, and she's got her eye on expanding into Apollo City! (Steven Myers designed her appearance.)

Appearances: The Godmother Principle, The Enemy of My Enemy

Home Invaders


Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde are a trio of crooks who break into people's houses and make off with whatever they can carry. Mom says I helped capture them once, but I don't really remember it.

Appearances: The Secret Origin of Sparky

The Leopard


This guy gets on my nerves. He has cat powers, I guess? Claws, kinda strong, good at slipping into and out of places. He's really just a cheap thug, working for any bad guy who promises him a big payday. He'll never change. (Dave Berns created his costume. It's not Dave's fault the guy is such a loser.)

Apperances: Changing Spots, The Enemy of My Enemy (cameo)

Simon Lord


Not to be confused with Lord Simon, although they kinda look alike. He's the shady CEO behind half of the legal AND illegal businesses in Apollo City. So far, we haven't been able to make charges stick to him, but just you wait...!

Appearances: Glorianna: The Replacement Killer, The Enemy of My Enemy



Wears a suit of hi-tech armor that can shoot mini-rockets in all directions. Great guy to have at your 4th of July party, but no fun to fight. Part of Skullduggery's posse. (Dan Nauenburg designed that neato armor.)

Appearances: City Held Hostage


Giant lizardy monster that likes to wreck stuff and swallow people. Ick! Created by Dr. Evilfish. (Actually created by Perry Lake, if you wanna get all meta-fictional.)

Appearances: The Megazoid Arises, Custody Battle



Pretty much what he looks like: a big, mean, talking gorilla. He's part of the gang of thugs lead by Skullduggery. (Dan Nauenburg designed the big, hairy ape. No truth to the rumor that mirrors were involved.)

Appearances: City Held Hostage, The Enemy of My Enemy (cameo)



Crook who zaps people with microwaves and steals inventions from other scientists. Mom fought him a long time ago, before I came along. It's a sad story, I don't want to talk about it. (Scott McClung designed his costume.)

Appearances: Flashback

The Nuclear Option


Terrorist who attacks Washington, DC with his power to make things explode. The worst part is, Mom and I aren't around to stop him! (Jason DeGroot came up with the concept for this guy.)

Appearances: Custody Battle, The Enemy of My Enemy (cameo)



He used to teach science, but they fired him because he was too stuck in the past. Now he goes around trying to wreck any science stuff that he doesn't agree with (which is most of it). Don't ask me why he has those ping-pong balls orbiting around his head.

Appearances: Sparky Meets Sparky, Displacement, Darker Image

The O-Roach


Who knew that there were all these tiny alien bugs living in secret on Earth? The O-Roaches are in a big war with the Antlusians (alien ants...they're pretty cool, mostly). They have all kinds of scary powers and crazy weapons, but they're always looking to pick up more. (Ronson Butler created these characters.)

Appearances: Vs. The O-Roach

Poison Ivory


A sneaky thief who uses her many gadgets to steal industrial secrets and sell them to the highest bidder. I hear she does a lot of work for The Godmother. (Steven Myers created this character.)

Appearances: The Godmother Principle, The Enemy of My Enemy (cameo)

Colonel Quartz


I don't know what his deal is. He keeps showing up at random, and he looks different every time. Sometimes he's just some dude with a gun. Sometimes he's riding a dinosaur. Sometimes he's this monster made out of crystal. All I know is that every version of him is out to get us!

Appearances: Crystal Lullabies and Glass Houses



A fire-breathing demon straight from the pits, "heck". He says he's here to collect the souls of sinners who escaped justice, but he's just as likely to fry any super-heroines who get in his way!

Appearances: Repo-Beast, Demon War



As if being a ninja wasn't bad enough, he can also shoot lightning bolts. He's one of Skullduggery's evil sidekicks. (Dan Nauenburg designed the costume.)

Appearances: City Held Hostage, The Big Fat Head

Lord Simon


Not to be confused with Simon Lord, although they kinda look alike. This guy is a wizard that Mom fights when she gets teleported into the past (or some other dimension or something, I dunno). He likes to terrorize the peasants with fiery bull-demons. Yikes!

Appearances: The Killer's Replacement

The Siren


A slinky villainess who uses her sonic gun to knock down walls and warp peoples' minds. What is she up to, and why does she look so much like my favorite pop star? Bummer! (Dan Kellaway designed her look.)

Appearances: The Song of the Siren, The Enemy of My Enemy



He's got a gigantic head, which gives him, like, evil brain powers or something. He sends his henchmen all over the city to steal stuff, but Mom says he's up to something bigger. He's sure mad about something. (Dan Nauenburg came up with the look of this guy.)

Appearances: City Held Hostage, The Big Fat Head, Custody Battle (cameo)

Sky Death


Neo-Nazi jerk in black leather and a jetpack. His bosses send him out to eliminate anyone who gets in the way of their scummy skinhead agenda. I wish he spoke English, so I could tell him what I think of him!

Appearances: Sky Death, Heart of Darkness

Symbiotic Man


Some kind of crazy cybernetic creature who can teleport through power lines and control electronic devices. He's targeting a specific group of people, but what's his angle? (Matt Dembicki created this character.)

Appearances: The Coming of Symbiotic Man

UFO Pilot


This alien dude crash-lands in the middle of Apollo City, spoiling for a fight. And with that high-tech zap-gun he's carrying, he'll probably get it!

Appearances: Vs. the UFO